The Honest Lady Collection

A privilege of being old is the privilege to be a pain in the ass. Older people can say some of the most weird and odd things, but everyone just cut them a lot of slack because of the advancing years. 

With the "Honest Lady Collection", Almost Vacant celebrates weird, impolite and odd sayings.

Taxes? Not for me.Taxes? Not for me.
Taxes? Not for me. Sale priceFrom €40.00 EUR
I'm not RihannaI'm not Rihanna
I'm not Rihanna Sale priceFrom €40.00 EUR
Disappointed by menDisappointed by men
Disappointed by men Sale priceFrom €40.00 EUR
I miss canceling plansI miss canceling plans
I miss canceling plans Sale priceFrom €40.00 EUR
Your future wifeYour future wife
Your future wife Sale priceFrom €40.00 EUR