"The irreverent Almost Vacant posters are our new decoration obsession" - Flair.be


This feature by Kathleen Wuyard for flair.be made us really proud. This is a Google Translated version of Kathleen's feature (originally in french, which can be found here.)

Even if it is a bit petty to admit it, we have to admit that we apply the same rule to our decoration as to our signature fragrance: uniqueness above all. Suffice to say that when we discovered the Almost Vacant posters, which mix even culture and old paintings, we immediately wanted to order everything. Imagine that Degas lived in the 21st century and decided to put Parisiennes phrases on his pastel paintings, capturing the culture of the time, starting with the plague of all celibate: “I'm sorry for roasting you … I was trying to flirt ” Does it sound familiar? What about this mustached man nonchalantly smoking a cigarette under the cult phrase from the early 2000s, immortalized by a Paris Hilton t-shirt: “Stop being Poor”? You will understand, Almost Vacant’s DNA is right at the crossroads of art and irony, and that's great, this is our favorite place. As well as consideration for our finances, too: at just € 39.95 for a room with a decidedly atypical look, we take one for the living room and one for the bedroom.

Words by Flair.be
December 22, 2020


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